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Natural Health Matters, where everything we do is intended to protect, support and restore the most priceless commodity in your life: your natural health.

All of our services and programs are  based on these simple principles:
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
Lifestyle is the leading cause of 90% of the illnesses* that afflict our society.
The health of the indvidual is a reflection of the health of the larger community and the purity of its air, water, soil, food and thought.
Awareness and skillful self-care are the strongest foundations for health and happiness.
No two people on the planet are exactly the same. Therefore, no two people need exactly the same diet, exercise, treatments or lifestyle recommendations.
Nature and our bodies are fundamentally intelligent, whole and good. They are harmonious until interfered with or obstructed.
  We accept anyone committed to improving their health and life, regardless of ability to pay.
  Since 1983 Dr. J. Kevin Gregg D.C. has has helped tens of thousands of people regain their health, increase their well-being and improve their self-care through holistic, personalized, natural care.
  Dr. Gregg,is dedicated to helping his patients with a wide variety of health concerns, such as:
Arthritis   Chronic Inflammations
Neck & back pain   Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Fibromyalgia   Whiplash
Migraines   Stress Disorders
Chronic headaches   Chronic Pain
Candida   High Blood Pressure
Hypoglycemia   Depression
Irritable Bowel Syndrome   ADD & ADHD
Gastric reflux disorders   Psoriasis & eczema
Infertility   Obesity
Celiac disease   Impotence

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